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Though there are many website claiming that there are many ways to make money with Bitcoin. But there are actually 4 legit ways you can make money related to Bitcoin. The ways other to this are usually end up a scam or variant or combination of this of (Such as what called Faucet can be a combination of way 1. and 2.) Now Let's see.

1. Trading something with Bitcoin. This is so straightforward. If you want to trade something for Bitcoin you must first get Wallet If you want o do this. It's in Tutorial step 1, you don't need Step 2 or 3 to do this. If you're a merchant who accept Bitcoin, you can inbox us and we'll help you promote! (read Term of Service for this.)

2. Mining. This is the way we recommend because it's free. Because bitcoin have no organization that backed them at the first place, They have neither computers nor machines to process the orders around the world. Here comes the opportunity for you to make money by get your computer or any device to help them by just connected to them. As you help them you'll get ammount of Bitcoin in return. It feels kinda like a bank pay salary to their workingmen. The difference is you don't have to work yourself but just let your PCs, Macbooks, Mobiles, Notebooks, etc. work for you. So they can bring the money in your pocket even while you sleep! The way to start this are explained step-by-step in Bitcoin Tutorial.

3. Buying them and Speculate. As you buying some Bitcoin and the price goes up. Let's say you buy 0.5 BTC for 3500 USD and someday the price goes up to 5500 USD then you sell it, You get 2000 USD profit. Many people make money this way in the past but it comes with risks. Because Bitcoin is not tangible things and the price is not predictable.

4. Trade them using Forex Brokers. Like other currencies, they can be trade using Forex broker. This have more advantage than Buying them yourself because the Forex broker will provide you some Leverage, so you can make higher profit per chance of the price. Let's say If the price move by 3 dollars. For buying and selling them yourself don't make more profit than 3 dollar at that time. Using broker you may able to make 40-60 dollars profit already. There are few broker that can work with Bitcoin at this time if you want to try some we recommend you to go to this site.

In summary, If you want to get some Bitcoin, goes for way 1. and 2. (the way 3. and 4. is not making you Bicoin but rather normal currency.) But if you want to make money, any of them will be fine, the way 2. is the only free way though.








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