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For merchant that accept Bitcoin, we help you promote!

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For facebook merchants, shopowner, business owner who Accept Bitcoin and also have Facebook page
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Term of service
1. We reserve the right to modify / delete the infomation of your shop as appropriate
2. No illegal things, gambling, porns, or drugs.
3. No MLM. Don't get me wrong, MLM is not evil, we just don't support using Cryptocurrencies for MLM.
4. Request for editing or updating submitted information is allowed but do not expect us to update it fast (We're generally lazy lol).
5. To start using this. You have to message to providing 5 information below.

1. Name of the your shop (English)
2. What do you selling/ What service do you provide
3. Facebook page urls
4. Where do you located
4.1 Country
4.2 State/City
5.Opening hour

We don't need any more additional infomation as it should be on your page.


Name : David-Ross's Secondhand Auto
Selling : Second handed cars and motorcycle
Facebook :
Country : USA, South Miami, Florida
Opening Hour :
Monday - Saturday : 10:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday : 12:00pm - 5:00pm








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